Crystal Skulls:

Myth? Legend? Some Combination?


Legend of the 13 Skulls

13 Crystal skulls exist that, when reunited at the correct time in history, will "be reunited to awaken a new era."1 Each skull is regarded as possessing a different "library" full of knowledge. However, you can buy all thirteen skulls for only $300, here.

History of the Crystal Skull

"A crystal skull is a stone carving in the shape of a human skull. The sculptures vary in size external image crystalskull.jpgfrom a few inches to life-size. Some are made of pure quartz crystal, but many are made of other types of stone found in abundance on Earth."2 Most people believe that the skulls have a series of "magical" powers. There are multiple sources that suggest the Crystal Skulls are of Mayan origin and may possibly be linked to the 2012 Mayan prophecy; however, none of the skulls in Museum possession can be determined to be an authentic Mayan artifact, including the Crystal Skulls in the Smithsonian Collection and the British Museum. Many of the skulls are made of Quartz because Quartz can be dated as appearing on Earth many years before even the first signs of human life.

Mitchell-Hedges Skull

The most famous crystal skull was discovered in 1924 by Anne Le Guillon Mitchell-Hedges, adopted daughter of adventurer, F. A. Mitchell-Hedges. It is reported that the skull was found under a collapsed temple in Belize. Mitchell-Hedges refused to allow scientific testing on the skull, until her death in 2007, when Bill Homann inherited the skull. The skull was determined to be a fake, emerging from the 19th century. (Official Mitchell-Hedges Skull Site)


Ultimately,studies and findings surrounding the Crystal Skulls often determine them to be a farce or simply do not have any conclusive data, so it is up to the romantics and adventurers to keep the idea of the Crystal Skulls alive.